Spread the Word

Are you excited to make fibromyalgia visible in your community in the 2018 together walks? We sure are.

Why wait until May? Raise fibromyalgia awareness now by sharing the Together Walks on your social media accounts. Invite your friends, family, neighbors and healthcare providers to walk with us. Together we make a difference!

Here’s how to join in:

1. Follow the Together Walks on Twitter and Instagram @togetherwalks and on Facebook. Follow the NFMCPA on Twitter @fibroandpain and Facebook.

2. Click on your favorite image below to make it larger. Then right click and click on “Save image as.” Download the graphic and upload it as your profile picture on your social media accounts.

3. Tag the people you want to invite to the Together Walk, and tag the NFMCPA, too!

4. Use #togetherwalks and #IWalk4fibro to tell everyone why you’re walking. Use some of the tweets below to invite your followers to walk with us!


NFMCPA-FB-profile-IM-IN-ARE-YOU--teal-teal-white-white-mfv-1 NFMCPA-FB-profile-IM-IN-ARE-YOU-teal-teal-purp-white-mfv-2 NFMCPA-FB-profile-IM-IN-ARE-YOU--org--teal-white-white-mfv-1 NFMCPA-FB-profile-IM-IN-ARE-YOU--burg-teal-purp-white-mfv-1 NFMCPA-FB-profile-IM-IN-ARE-YOU-orange-teal-purp-white-mfv-2 NFMCPA-FB-profile-IM-IN-ARE-YOU--burg-teal-white-white-mfv-1


  • I just donated to @fibroandpain’s #togetherwalks to increase #fibromyalgia awareness! Join me to fund treatments – donate or walk! #iwalkforfibro http://bit.ly/1LCKiR2
  • Join me for @fibroandpain’s #togetherwalks to fund research into #fibromyalgia treatments. We walk for chronic pain patients everywhere #spoonies #iwalkforfibro
  • I’m in. Are you? Join me at @fibroandpain’s #togetherwalks in May. #iwalkforfibro Register now to raise FM awareness.http://bit.ly/1LCKiR2
  • Walking for a great cause! Join me! http://bit.ly/1LCKiR2 #iwalkforfibro #togetherwalks #spoonies
  • Help Team ________ raise money for the #togetherwalks and find treatments for #fibromyalgia. #iwalkforfibro http://bit.ly/1LCKiR2
  • Just registered for @fibroandpain’s #togetherwalks to raise #fibromyalgia awareness. Come join me! http://bit.ly/1LCKiR2
  • Together we make a difference. Join me in the #togetherwalks to raise #fibromyalgia awareness. #iwalkforfibro http://bit.ly/1LCKiR2