The Olympic Spirit Lives in Us!

The Olympics is a time of celebration and triumph that we can all enjoy and relate to.  Athletes dedicated to their sport who have overcome challenges and setbacks lift our spirits.  They kept trying and learned from their mistakes.  A big hurrah and thank you to them for sharing their joy!

Feeling triumphant on achieving benchmarks in our own personal journeys feels like winning a competition against the hard stuff, the challenges that seemed insurmountable.  Just as Olympic athletes achieve their sporting goals, our goals can be achieved with strategic planning.  More is required of us to feel strong and well.  Figuring out how to have good (and great) days that stretch into weeks and months pays off.

The  Stanford Self-Management program for chronic disease teaches how to break goals down into doable action items, and then outcomes are reported to a partner.  Each goal is assessed for anticipated obstacles and  solutions are determined.  Anticipating and strategically planning for obstacles significantly improves the likelihood of success.

Criteria in setting S.M.A.R.T. goals guides objectives and outcomes.  S usually means specific; M – measurable; A – attainable; R – relevant; and T – timely.

Combining these two methods of setting health objectives (goals) can be powerful.  Successful little steps build a foundation for understanding what you’re presently capable of and what’s realistic for next goals.

Recognize and celebrate achievements.  For resilience, include resting periods (or plateaus) and success milestones in goal setting and outcome planning.

We’re here to cheer you on and celebrate your successes.  Please consider setting a goal to join a Together Walk and bringing a friend.  See you at the Together Walks!

Nashville Together Walk

DATE:  September 2017
TIME: Coming soon!
LOCATION:  Coming soon!
ADDRESS:    Nashville, TN
REGISTER: Coming soon!
*For step-by-step registration instructions, please CLICK HERE.

Fibro Friends of Tennessee, in collaboration with the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association, is delighted to host a Together Walk.  Come and meet others!  Please invite your family, friends, colleagues, elected officials, and healthcare providers to a health and fun event to raise awareness and research funding for fibromyalgia.

Check back for details soon! We’re excited to launch registration in January and hope to see you all there!

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