Together Walks…What are they all about?

First and foremost, welcome to the Together Walks website! I’m guessing since you got this far, you have been introduced to Together Walks. Here is a little more insight to give you a better idea of what we are here for.

Together Walks are developed in partnership with local organizers and sponsored by the NFCPA. This is the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association. Our main purpose is to unite patients, policy makers, and healthcare, medical and scientific communities to transform lives through visionary support, advocacy, research and education of fibromyalgia and chronic pain illnesses.

Together Walks make this goal a little more visible with ACTION.

Together walks are events hosted around the world to increase FM awareness, education, resources, and support for research in the general public, medical communities, legislators, and people affected by FM. Together Walks give us a unique opportunity to put our information and knowledge into action. They bring our community together to support our loved ones with FM or Chronic Pain.

Every person involved in these Together Walks can have a positive influence on their community. It makes it possible to share with people worldwide just how important it is to be aware of FM and Chronic Pain.

Below are a few of the things that YOU can do to make a difference by being a part of Together Walks.

  • Raise FM awareness by educating local communities and political leaders about this condition and its impact
  • Alleviate stigmatization of people suffering with FM and chronic pain diseases
  • Create more pilot research funding, especially in the field of effective integrative treatments and new exploration in areas such as small fiber neuropathy, cervical cord compression, and myofascial release which promises new treatments
  • Increase support by providing local, accessible resources and information for daily living to patients
  • Promote awareness of the ramifications, including financial consequences, of chronic pain to the public, legislators, medical community and government agencies

We want you to remember that YOU can make a difference! Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to join us in this wonderful event.

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